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Bonrix Lead Management System manage leads at your call center ...
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POS system component diagram

 Bonrix Standalone Auto Dialer App for Telecaller

Bonrix Standalone Auto Dialer App is designed for Telecaller in call centers who wants to reach many customers in a day. This app has a facility for calling the number of customers one by one from Android Handset using 3G/4G/5G GSM SIM.

 Download : Version 1.0

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 Bonrix Multi Column Mobile Auto Dialer

Bonrix Auto Dialer - Call Center , This Android apps is developed for outbound call center for processing leads via normal SIM card based Andorid based Mobile Handset, Tablets or desktop based phone working either on GSM, 3G, CDMA or PSTN landline technology. This application is for processing lead from computer by telephony device, thus it present good example for CTI - Computer telephony integration.

 Download For Desktop : Version 1.0

 Download For Android Application : Version 1.0

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Bonrix Lead Management System (LMS)
Demo Account Details

For Admin
- Username :admin
- Password : admin123

For Staff
- Username :staff
- Password : staff321
Bonrix NDNC/DND Scrubing/Filtering Web Application
Demo Account Details (Web)
- Username : demo
- Password : demo123

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